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  • Excellent Attorney - Remarkable Job

    I have known Tara Whelan for five years and she is an excellent attorney. She did a remarkable job with my traffic violations.

    - Romeo

    Yonkers, NY
  • She's Definitely A Boss!
    I've known Tara for quite some time now. She was referred to me by her colleague. I wasn't confident about her or my situation at all at the time. The moment I met her, she took charge. Eased all my fears and doubts. She's definitely a BOSS in court! She's the type of attorney that will fight for you no matter how long it takes. She is super supportive and very encouraging. I can't tell her enough how much I appreciate her. I highly recommend her.

    - L.P.

    New York, NY
  • Best Lawyer in NYC
    Tara Whelan, the Best lawyer I had ever pleasure of meeting. She helped my young neice with her case and won! Smart, witty, intelligent, passionate, Beautiful in and out. Highly recommended and worth every penny.

    - Agnes Carmona

    NY, NY
  • Tara is the only one I recommend when asked!
    I hired Tara to handle a difficult charge against me in court. She was compassionate and caring in dealing with me and then I watched her do her magic in the court and get the charges dismissed. When someone asks me for a referral now, Tara is the ONLY lawyer I recommend.

    - Andrew Hearn

    New York, NY
  • Tara Whelan has the experience, professionalism and calm I needed to guide me through a distressing situation.
    I met Tara Whelan when I was overwhelmed by a distressing harassment case. She came strongly recommend to me. From the moment I connected with Ms. Whelan, I felt much of my burden lifted and I wasn't alone in moving forward through the legal system. She was straightforward with me about what legally could be done and we set up a plan of action that we followed together. She was knowledgeable, professional and available to guide me and answer my questions.

    - Former Client

  • One amazing lawyer.
    Tara Whelan is an amazing lawyer. If you are looking for a lawyer that you can trust, someone who will fight relentlessly for you she is the one. If you are looking for someone who knows the intricacies of the court system and who can you use that knowledge to give you the best possible outcome she is your lawyer. The greatest part about Tara is that she is that she is entirely open and accessible to her clients and she knows how to make a bad situation a lot better. Tara SAVED my family from an unbelievably bad situation, she fought so hard for me. I am blessed to have found her. Thank you Tara.

    - Pierre

  • She saved me from an impossible situation.
    Before I met Tara, I jammed myself up and seemingly there was no was out. My lifestyle was threaten. I dont believe in coincidences; our paths crossed and when it came time to battle it out in court she fought brilliantly and saved me from an impossible situation. She is an excellent trial Lawyer, Thorough, Smart, Bossy that's because she knows her stuff. Classifying her as different is an understatement, the personalized attention and care she gave to me/case was the key out of that situation and I am forever grateful.

    - Former Client

  • Truly amazing. miracle worker!
    Tara is an amazing attorney. Couldn't be more satisfied with the efforts and commitment she displayed. She fought harder for me than I did for myself. Extremely knowledgeable and very professional. Tough as nails and absolutely gorgeous I must say. Went above and beyond for me and I couldn't be more satisfied with her representation and very favorable results. Highly recommended. Great attorney. Amazing woman.

    - William

  • She will always be my "Fearless Hero."
    Ms. Whelan's commitment to her clients and resilience in her work effort in and out of the courtroom is truly superb. If you are in search of legal representation, Tara Whelan is the passionate, caring, and meticulous attorney you want on your side. She will always be my "Fearless Hero."

    - Anthony F.

  • She fought hard to get me the best outcome possible.
    I am very grateful and appreciative of the way Ms. Whelan handled my case. She fought hard to get me the best outcome possible. I was so satisfied I referred her to a friend of mine.

    - Derrick G.

  • Her passion and motivation to help me through trying times really made me feel confident in her.
    The circumstance under which I met Ms. Whelan wasn't a pleasant one, but her warm and caring heart, her passion and motivation to help me through trying times really made me feel confident in her.

    - Travis B.

  • Your time, care, understanding & effort is just what we need to see in every lawyer!
    I'd like to say thank you very much for the support you've given us since we've met. You've been working so hard on my brother's case showing your loyalty. Your time, care, understanding & effort is just what we need to see in every lawyer! The moment our family needed a lawyer and we met you, we weren't turned down but embraced with the feeling of things being ok as you jumped right into my brother's case. Other families in need of your service would be very happy to have you.

    - Terry R.

  • So blessed that Tara Whelan came to my rescue and was by my side to protect and defend me.

    You never know when you will wake up one day and your life is unexpectedly flipped upside down and its all out of your control....This happened to me and I was so blessed that Tara Whelan came to my rescue and was by my side to protect and defend me.

    I had never met her before and I was referred to her by one of her colleagues. I wasn't sure how much she could accomplish on such short notice but I was blown away when she had my bail reduced from $75k to zero, and got me released on ROR. From there I was still facing some serious charges simply from being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Throughout the entire process, Ms. Whelan was there every step of the way guiding me through the very confusing and arduous legal formalities and procedures.

    I can't thank her enough and I wholeheartedly and genuinely recommend her to anyone seeking legal assistance. Her skills and knowledge of the legal system are top notch and she has a great personality and is very compassionate with her clients.

    - Karina V.

  • Ms. Whelan is a godsend; truly and exceptionally rare.

    Words cannot even begin to express how tremendously grateful I am to Ms. Whelan for her true and sincere compassion, in conjunction with extraordinary legal assistance, during one of the most challenging times in my life.  Ms. Whelan not only saved my future and my career, but she helped me see the error in my ways, and changed my life for the better.

    Regardless of the time or the importance of my matter, every phone call and email was promptly and personally returned. Ms. Whelan made me feel like I was most important, and was by my side for every court date, in every borough, on every day.

    She gave me very practical advice and supplied necessary information to allow me to make my own informed decisions. She led me through the long and daunting legal process, yet never lost her patience and compassion, despite my frequent and overwhelming inquiries.

    While coming highly-recommended to me, Ms. Whelan’s level of expertise and professionalism surpassed even my greatest expectations. She made me feel comfortable, confident, supported, and assured, every step of the way. Aside from her obvious skill level, talent, and remarkable success rate, Ms. Whelan is genuinely committed to each and every one of her clients.

    Simply put, a lawyer like Ms. Whelan is a godsend; truly and exceptionally rare. Though it surely goes without saying, I would never hesitate to refer her outstanding services to anyone in need, and would never think to rely on anyone else if I needed legal services in the future. There honestly is no better choice in legal representation. Thank you for it all, Ms. Whelan.

    - KerryAnn S.