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At the Law Office of Tara Whelan, I represent clients facing criminal charges throughout greater New York City, Nassau, Suffolk, and Westchester Counties. You may be the subject of a law enforcement investigation or a witness called to give information. You may have been arrested for alleged wrongdoing and seeking an attorney to help mitigate potential consequences. Whatever the circumstances, I provide dedicated, empathetic, and aggressive legal help. I will take your case personally and fight relentlessly to protect your rights and help you pursue what is in your best interest.

Prosecutors in New York can be tough and are often relentless about getting convictions. As your lawyer, my job is to challenge their tactics. Call me and learn what your legal options are from an attorney experienced in criminal defense representation. I will work hard to structure a solution specific to the facts and circumstances of your case. I will fight zealously to protect your rights, liberty, reputation, and livelihood. At such a crucial moment in your life, you deserve quality legal representation that is as tough and determined as the governments.

Contact the Law Office of Tara Whelan at (516) 647-4828 to schedule a free, initial consultation with me. Available 24/7. Same-day appointments available.

Dedicated to Defending the Accused

I handle all criminal cases, from violations to misdemeanors and violent felonies. These crimes can range from drug crimes involving controlled substances such as cocaine or heroin, driving while intoxicated, domestic violence accusations, gun possession, sex offenses ranging from indecent exposure to rape, theft and property related crimes, fraud and other white collar crimes as well as aggressive crimes of violence, such as assault, gang violence, attempted murder and homicide.

No matter what type of criminal accusation you are facing, I will fight to obtain the best result possible - whether it is negotiating a disposition or bringing your case to trial in court before a judge and jury. As a tough negotiator and litigator in court, I have earned a reputation for uncompromising advocacy for my clients regardless of the allegations they face. Criminal charges can carry heavy consequences. In addition to the risk of spending time in jail, court ordered probation, orders of protection and heavy fines, a criminal conviction can also cause damage to your personal life, your livelihood, and your future. Having a criminal record can make it difficult to find work, housing, or qualify for professional licenses, such as those required for real estate, plumbing, electrical, nursing and more. You will need to fight back and fight hard.

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    “I have known Tara Whelan for five years and she is an excellent attorney. She did a remarkable job with my traffic violations.”

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Successful Past Results

Fighting Fiercely for the Outcome You Deserve
  • Attempted Murder - New York County, NY Not Guilty
  • Conspiracy - New York County, NY Not Guilty
  • Domestic Assault - Kings County, NY Case Dismissed
  • Drug Possession with Intent to Sell - Queens County, NY Negotiated Disposition
  • DWI - Kings County, NY Refusal Win & Negotiated Disposition
  • Financial Fraud - Nassau County, NY Negotiated Disposition

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To learn about how I can help you and how to navigate the criminal justice system with a well-organized plan of attack, contact the Law Office of Tara Whelan as soon as possible.

When it comes to defending yourself in the criminal justice system, the need for a dedicated, experienced, and relentless criminal defense lawyer cannot be overstated. It is crucial to have an experienced attorney to create a sound plan of action to fight back.

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