Past Results

This is not an all-inclusive list. I represent clients facing all types of criminal charges, including: Violent Crimes, Domestic Violence, DWI, Financial Crimes, Sex Offenses, Gun Possession, Possession and Sale of Narcotics, among others. Past performance is no guarantee of future outcomes.

  • Case Dismissed
    Gun Possession - Kings County, NY
    My client was charged with possession of a gun and was facing 7 years in jail. I made a motion to dismiss the case based on the State's failure to prosecute within the time frame required by statute. The judge ruled in our favor and my client's case was dismissed and sealed as if it never happened.
  • Negotiated Settlement in Lieu of Prosecution
    Grand Larceny - Nassau County, NY
    My clients were under investigation by the Nassau County Department of Social Services for applying for and accepting benefits they weren't entitled to. I was able to negotiate a settlement in which they paid the money back and in return were not prosecuted for any crimes. My clients avoided any criminal charges and their records remain clean.
  • Not Guilty
    Attempted Murder - New York County, NY
    Ten witnesses, including an off-duty auxiliary police officer who claimed to have witnessed the crime in progress, testified that the client was the attacker and stabbed the alleged victim in the neck. Using surveillance video obtained from the scene, I was able to prove to the jury that my client was the one who was being attacked and used the knife in self-defense.
  • Not Guilty
    Promoting Prostitution - Kings County, NY

    Despite the Prosecution's presentation of almost 10,000 pages of my client's Facebook account and other social media sources as well as hours of audio recordings of my client, I was able to convince the jury that the People did not meet their burden and the jury found my client Not Guilty on all 14 counts.

  • Not Guilty
    Weapons Possession - Bronx County, NY
    Two police officers testified that they observed the client remove a loaded pistol from his waist and throw it under a parked car.  In a thorough cross-examination of the officers, I was able to expose major inconsistencies in their testimony and the jury returned a verdict of not guilty in less than 15 minutes.
  • Negotiated Disposition
    Robbery - Queens County, NY

    Juvenile client was accused of two separate robberies. I proved to the Court and the District Attorney that the client, an otherwise "good kid," made a mistake and should not be scarred for the rest of his life by a felony conviction or jail time.  My efforts resulted in the client receiving Youthful Offender status - erasing any criminal record - and probation. The client is now attending college.

  • Not Guilty
    Conspiracy - New York County, NY

    Client, a Court Officer, was charged with Conspiracy and Official Misconduct along with 5 other officers. At trial, I was able to use the Prosecution's own witnesses to demonstrate to the jury that my client performed her duties exactly as she was supposed to and was in no way involved in any criminal activity. The other officers were convicted of various charges and my client was found Not Guilty of all charges.

  • Case Dismissed
    Domestic Assault - Kings County, NY

    Client was charged with assaulting his wife. Through conversations with supervisors at the District Attorney's Office I was able to get the charges dismissed in 8 days.

  • Negotiated Disposition
    Drug Possession with Intent to Sell - Queens County, NY
    The client was charged with possession of a large quantity of drugs. I argued that the client was truly in the wrong place at at the wrong time.  All criminal charges were dismissed.
  • Refusal Win & Negotiated Disposition
    DWI - Kings County, NY
    Client was charged with a Misdemeanor DWI after getting into an accident and refusing to take a breath test. At the refusal hearing I was able to highlight deficiencies in the officer's paperwork and testimony and win the hearing, which restored my client's driving privileges. I was also able to negotiate a disposition which resulted in my client receiving a Violation (which is not a crime) and therefore having no criminal record.
  • Negotiated Disposition
    Financial Fraud - Nassau County, NY

    Client was charged with Felony level financial fraud. Despite having previous convictions for similar crimes, I was able to negotiate a non-criminal disposition which resulted in my client getting a Violation and no jail time.

  • Negotiated Disposition
    Gang Assault - Queens County, NY
    The client was charged with being involved in a fight that resulted in the death of one of the participants.  I was able to show the District Attorney and the Court that my client, who was of below average intelligence, was incapable of forming the necessary intent to be guilty of the highest charge. The charges were reduced and the client was sentenced to a term of probation.